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You Might Be a Homesteader IF.... Here's How to Find Out if You Have the Heart and Mind of One!

Are YOU a homesteader? Doesn't really matter where you live!  People who consider themselves to be homesteaders fill the spectrum of people---city dwellers, suburbanites, ruralists, and they come from many different cultures and groups.  But there are a few characteristics they share.  How do you know if you are a homesteader?  Well, you might be a homesteader IF.....

Why You MUST Keep a Seed Bank---Things to Consider

Given the just-right devastating crisis event, food storage and the ability to grow your own food may become more valuable than precious metals! Every responsible person should be thinking about learning how to garden, getting even a small one started (even if only using containers on a balcony--like I used to do when I rented), and of course, having good seeds set aside for current and future use.  Right now!  Here's more about what to consider and how to get your seed storage going!

Survival Food to Forage: Lambsquarters

What IS that plant???  All last summer, I had this plant I thought was probably just a "weed" growing crazily in my yard! I was ready to rip them all out, but I decided to wait.  Happily, I discovered that although considered a "weed," Lambsquarters is actually an edible plant that is more nutritious than spinach! Here is how to identify Lambsquarters and how to use it too! 

How to Amend the MOST HORRIBLE Soil in the World!

Life in the Mojave Desert is a challenge in just about all ways.  There's little water available, barely any rainfall, and it's an extreme, savage environment whether you are down on the valley floor or up higher, like we are.  Really, people are just not meant to be here.  I've heard more than one person describe the lower desert area around Las Vegas as "the moon" due to its rocky, dry, and gray appearance.  It's a place you grow to appreciate, and it's beautiful in its own harsh way, but anything that survives here naturally is a special life form, that's for sure! When we moved into our home in the mountains, we experienced the worst soil I've ever seen!  I figure if I can grow things here, I can grow things ANY where!  :-)  Here's what we did to amend this hard, rocky soil:

How to Create a Beautiful Succulent Bowl

OK--It's winter, and there is not much happening in the garden right now.  I'm REALLY missing getting out there in the garden and playing in the dirt!  What can I say?  So I decided to make a succulent bowl for my Mom-in-Law, who loves succulents!  I had some older ones hanging on in my house, and I went out and bought a few more plugs, a cute bowl, and a decoration....  See how easy it is to make a succulent bowl--and what a great gift too! :-)  

I kind of have a rule around this house that everything needs a purpose.  Therefore, I don't have a lot of kitschy things hanging around.  This is actually a gift I'd like to have!  :-)  Its purpose is to make a person happy looking at it!