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So many times, I have heard people talk about how, when they have a health issue, they go and do a little research on the internet to try to find a natural remedy.  It makes me CRAY, people!  Here's the scenario:  They have a health issue. They look it up on the 'net.  They find an "herb" that will solve the problem for them, run off to (horrors) a big box store and grab the cheapest bottle of powdered herbal capsules they can find, give it a try for a few days, then proclaim in frustration, "Herb's don't work!"  If you have ever wondered why herbal remedies aren't working for you, here are some potential reasons to consider.

How to Beat the Winter Blues, Plus a Recipe for Happiness Tea!

During these dreary days of Winter, while we are starting to really miss the sunshine and the garden growing, it is easy to become a little down.  According to the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), Seasonal Affective Disorder affects about six percent of the population, and up to 20 percent may also experience milder affects of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), also known as the "Winter Blues." Symptoms include a general feeling of melancholy, lowered energy, cravings for sugars and starches, and weight gain to full-blown depression symptoms.  Some people may even withdraw from family and friends.  But there are some things you can do about this!

Basics About TEA, Otherwise Known as Camellia sinensis

There is absolutely nothing better than a cup of the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening!  What is regular old tea?  Otherwise known as Camellia sinensis, there are all kinds of varieties---but only FOUR main types!  I love to blend "regular" tea with medicinal and/or nutritive herbs.  I love the way you can blend and combine them for an amazing taste experience while helping your body self-heal.  Lately I have been making quite a bit of refreshing probiotic Kombucha (a fermented drink that requires a base of white, green, oolong, or black tea---what I call "regular" tea) and mixing that with medicinal and/or nutritive herbs.  Here is some basic information about Camellia sinensis teas (what I call "regular" tea).  

Make Your Own Herbal Chai Tea: Try Rosy Chocolate Chai! You'll LOVE It!

OH! My. Gosh!!!  Is there just anything better than ROSES and CHOCOLATE?  And CHAI?!!  I've been making this herbal tea blend for a few years now, and it's become a favorite of many. It's a spicy, chocolaty mix with a hint of lovely rose.  Here's a rundown of the health benefits of the herbs involved...but just be assured...It is the MOST delicious Chai you will ever experience!  PERFECT for these cool Fall and Winter evenings, mornings and afternoons! :-)  

Make Your Own Effective Sleep Aid from Safe Easy to Find Herbs!

I cannot tell you enough just how empowering it is to make your own plant medicine!  When people tell me about all the medications they are taking, I just have to think to myself, "Thank goodness I can make my own!"  AND....I know what my medicines are made of, where the plants come from, and possibly most important of all:  they WORK!  The other great thing about making your own plant medicine is that you have some leeway to play with the ingredients and find out what works best for YOU.  I hope you enjoy this recipe for an herbal sleep aid!