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8 Herbs for Your Heart! Herbs that You Can Use Daily to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Did you know cardiovascular disease has become the leading cause of doctors visits and hospitalizations? And that over 650,000 people die every year from some sort of heart issue? And that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women? Not too many people are familiar with the fact that by adding an herbal element to your daily life, you can truly impact the overall health of your heart: and that includes your blood pressure! 

INSANE Things to Know About Rosemary Essential Oil---and Why You Need it in Your Home!

"Plant rosemary by your garden gate for luck!" is one of my favorite quotes from the movie, Practical Magic, one of my all time favorites that I've watched about a million times. Besides being lucky, Rosemary is one awesome plant! It's a culinary wonder, smells fabulous, and has some pretty incredible medicinal qualities too. And the essential oil...Mmmmm. The essential oil of the Rosemary plant is the focus of this article. Find out all about the benefits and uses of the beautiful rosemary plant and its essential oil!  If you want to know some INSANE things about Rosemary and why you need to keep a bottle in your home, read on!

18 Necessities I NEVER Buy at the Store Anymore (And What I Do Instead)

You CAN make your own necessities! You'll be better off for it, save TONS of money, and feel empowered that you just don't need to run to the store!  I've been making many of my own things for years, and it's just really added up!  You, too, can make things yourself, and save TONS of money and have higher quality products to use. Making your own things is part of being self-sufficient!

11 INSANE Things You MUST Know About MARJORAM Essential Oil (Why You Need it in Your Home!)

This past Fall, I was sent a free 10 mL bottle of Marjoram Essential Oil from doTerra.  I said, "Marjoram?  Why?" I seriously did not know what to do with it!  And isn't that the way with essential oils or herbs when your first begin to know a plant? If you are new to a plant (essential oil or herb), you really must get to know it intimately and actually USE it.  Then you know how it works on the body and how it specifically works for YOU.  This goes for herbs as well as essential oils.

INSANE Things You MUST Know About Tea Tree Essential Oil...And Why You Need It in Your Home

I have to laugh...I used to think Tea Tree Essential Oil was stinky!  :-)  It's amazing what happens to your perception about something once you realize the value of it! Right?  Tea Tree Oil is one of the oils I think every single home should have on hand all the time!  It's great for so many things and has some absolutely amazing properties! Find out more!


So many times, I have heard people talk about how, when they have a health issue, they go and do a little research on the internet to try to find a natural remedy.  It makes me CRAY, people!  Here's the scenario:  They have a health issue. They look it up on the 'net.  They find an "herb" that will solve the problem for them, run off to (horrors) a big box store and grab the cheapest bottle of powdered herbal capsules they can find, give it a try for a few days, then proclaim in frustration, "Herb's don't work!"  If you have ever wondered why herbal remedies aren't working for you, here are some potential reasons to consider.

7 INSANE Things You MUST Know About Using Frankincense Essential Oil (WHY it Should Be in Your Home!)

Then I began learning about herbs, and with this blessed confidence in using actual plants as medicine, I truly began to understand the value of using essential oils for more than simple cleaning and a wonderful and natural way to scent our house (and my classroom).  Essential oils have therefore become a huge part of my health, arsenal these days.  Here, I'll share some INSANELY amazing things Frankincense essential oil can do for you and your family! Seriously, my friends.  EVERYONE should have some Frankincense in their home!

Golden Beet & Turmeric Kvass---A Fermenting Success! How to Make Golden Beet Kvass!

When I was at the organic market the other day, I just couldn't resist these beautiful golden beets.  I grow bright red/purple beets, and when I need beets from the store, I generally turn to these typically colored beets.  But on this day, I decided to opt for the lovely golden beets!  The color of the flesh reminded me of the color of Turmeric, an incredible medicinal herb that helps with all kinds of ailments, and especially inflammation in the body.  

So.....I decided to try making some Golden Beet Kvass with Turmeric!  YUM!!!  Here is how I made Golden Beet Kvass and how it turned out with the addition of Turmeric.

Chamomile Ale (Beer) Recipe---Create Your Own Herbal Home Brew!

Ales (beer) have been around for literally thousands of years, and most of these ancient recipes called for using herbs.  In this manner, they became "healing" in nature.  Since they are also a fermented drink, they are good for you in terms of gut health too.  My Chamomile Ale was inspired by a recipe from the book by Harold Buhner's book, Sacred Herbal Healing Beers.  This recipe is several hundred years old and involves using Chamomile.  Chamomile is a relaxant, is great for helping with anxiety and soothing nerves.  It also helps solve sleep issues and is calming in the evening.  It's a delicious little herb, too, with a honey-like sweetness.  Here's how to make Chamomile Ale!

How to Infuse Honey with Lemon---and Why It's Great for You!

You've probably heard how good it is for your body and health to drink a cup of water with honey and lemon every day?  Well, after being given bags of beautiful fresh lemons, I thought I'd go ahead and make some lemon infused honey!  Not only is this honey absolutely delicious, you can use it for so much!  It's great for soothing sore throats and coughs, you can sweeten your herbal tea with it, use it on toast or as a topping....or just take a spoonful because it's just SO good!  And of course, you can use it in your lemon-honey water! :-)  Here's how to infuse your honey with delicious, great for you lemons!