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18 Necessities I NEVER Buy at the Store Anymore (And What I Do Instead)

You CAN make your own necessities! You'll be better off for it, save TONS of money, and feel empowered that you just don't need to run to the store!  I've been making many of my own things for years, and it's just really added up!  You, too, can make things yourself, and save TONS of money and have higher quality products to use. Making your own things is part of being self-sufficient!

You Might Be a Homesteader IF.... Here's How to Find Out if You Have the Heart and Mind of One!

Are YOU a homesteader? Doesn't really matter where you live!  People who consider themselves to be homesteaders fill the spectrum of people---city dwellers, suburbanites, ruralists, and they come from many different cultures and groups.  But there are a few characteristics they share.  How do you know if you are a homesteader?  Well, you might be a homesteader IF.....

8 Things to Consider BEFORE You Buy That Thing! (How to Shop Like a Minimalist So You Can BE a Minimalist!)

How and Why to Shop Like a Minimalist!  So, with fear and trepidation (insert scary music), as I get ready to really go LOOK at the most cluttered place in our home (The Loft) and make a plan to actually follow through to declutter it and make it beautiful, I am sitting here thinking that OBVIOUSLY, if I had been thinking like a Minimalist BEFORE I bought all that "stuff," then I wouldn't be having to spend my time on this project now!

Why You MUST Keep a Seed Bank---Things to Consider

Given the just-right devastating crisis event, food storage and the ability to grow your own food may become more valuable than precious metals! Every responsible person should be thinking about learning how to garden, getting even a small one started (even if only using containers on a balcony--like I used to do when I rented), and of course, having good seeds set aside for current and future use.  Right now!  Here's more about what to consider and how to get your seed storage going!

How to Make Herbal Beer: A Spring Bitters Tonic Ale Recipe--Well Balanced, Healthy, Delicious

My husband loves beer! I'm just barely starting to learn an appreciation for beer and ale, but I love the fact that we can make our own, and it's MUCH better than commercially made beer! Plus, when we use herbs to make it, the beer contains the health benefits from all the plant goodness!  This recipe below is for what I am calling "Spring Bitters."  This herbal ale turned out very well-balanced, and my husband has pronounced that it is the best one yet!  

7 INSANE Things You MUST Know About Using Frankincense Essential Oil (WHY it Should Be in Your Home!)

Then I began learning about herbs, and with this blessed confidence in using actual plants as medicine, I truly began to understand the value of using essential oils for more than simple cleaning and a wonderful and natural way to scent our house (and my classroom).  Essential oils have therefore become a huge part of my health, arsenal these days.  Here, I'll share some INSANELY amazing things Frankincense essential oil can do for you and your family! Seriously, my friends.  EVERYONE should have some Frankincense in their home!

Survival Food to Forage: Lambsquarters

What IS that plant???  All last summer, I had this plant I thought was probably just a "weed" growing crazily in my yard! I was ready to rip them all out, but I decided to wait.  Happily, I discovered that although considered a "weed," Lambsquarters is actually an edible plant that is more nutritious than spinach! Here is how to identify Lambsquarters and how to use it too! 

How to Make a Mason Jar Beeswax Candle

I have tried many times to make Mason jar candles with beeswax---with tons of fails!  I've experienced tunneling (when a "tunnel" of wax melts, wasting a lot along the sides of the glass), wicks not burning right (getting put out after only a little while), or wicks not burning at all (not even being able to get the thing to stay lit once it hits the wax), and more!  SO frustrating!  I know other people make candles, and have successes!  So, I just kept trying---still with no success.  Finally, though, I found a book called The Beeswax Workshop by Chris Dalziel.  Everything you ever wanted to know about beeswax and about a million excellent projects are included in this book.  I have already dog-eared many pages, and have plans to make lots of these projects! At any rate, and very luckily, this is where I found the specific and excellent directions for this candle.  Here is my experience making this great Mason jar beeswax candle!

Warm Winter Clothes You Must Have on the Homestead

I am a person who gets cold easily---especially my fingers and toes.  Like seriously.  COLD.  I have heard all my life, "It's all about your clothes! If you have the right kind of clothes, you won't get cold!"  Right.  I have been trying to find the "right" kind of clothes for years!  Decades spent skiing and hiking outdoors, and I still couldn't find "right" clothes for staying warm.  And moving from a super hot climate (Las Vegas, NV) to a cold climate really took some trial and error with clothes for several months of the year.  So now, after three years and being in the middle of our fourth winter, here in the mountains, where temperatures range from the single digits to highs in the 20's to 40's....I have finally found some garments that work for freezing cold me.