18 Necessities I NEVER Buy at the Store Anymore (And What I Do Instead)

Making It Yourself---this movement is REALLY taking off, and it's partly because of the legitimate and growing health concerns about our current state of processed foods, chemically laden produce, and toxic body care products.  You can learn to save TONS of money and BE HEALTHIER at the same time!  Isn't that awesome? Here's a short list of things we make ourselves, and they are all EASY and CHEAP---not to mention WAY better than commercial products. 


You Might Be a Homesteader IF.... Here's How to Find Out if You Have the Heart and Mind of One!

Are YOU a homesteader? Doesn't really matter where you live!  People who consider themselves to be homesteaders fill the spectrum of people---city dwellers, suburbanites, ruralists, and they come from many different cultures and groups.  But there are a few characteristics they share.  How do you know if you are a homesteader?  Well, you might be a homesteader IF.....

How to Make Hot Process Soap! Recipe for Lavender-Rosemary-Vanilla Pink Clay Soap

Oh My Gosh!  I just love this hot process recipe for Lavender-Rosemary-Vanilla exfoliating soap!  The blend of essential oils in this soap is extraordinary!  I just can't think of a better word.  The Lavender is calming, the Rosemary increases clarity, and the Vanilla is just plain soothing.  I also add a natural colorant of French Pink Clay which gives the soap an amazing "slip."  This means it's great for shaving too!  I add in some organic Lavender flowers for texture and exfoliation---and BAM!  Amazing, lathering, long lasting, natural herbal soap that is GREAT for your skin, mind, and spirit! 

How to Shop Like a Minimalist: 8 Things to Consider BEFORE You Buy That Thing!

How and Why to Shop Like a Minimalist!  So, with fear and trepidation (insert scary music), as I get ready to really go LOOK at the most cluttered place in our home (The Loft) and make a plan to actually follow through to declutter it and make it beautiful, I am sitting here thinking that OBVIOUSLY, if I had been thinking like a Minimalist BEFORE I bought all that "stuff," then I wouldn't be having to spend my time on this project now!

MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP (Mystic Black Hot Process Soap Recipe You'll Love!)

WARNING: This soap is nearly black---and with a little more Alkanet Root Powder, it would be even more so.  My Mystic Soap also has a smoky, sensual, slightly "hippy" scent. I love it! I once had a lady order a whole block of it from me!  But....some people don't care for it.  If you don't like Patchouli, Frankincense, or exotic scents, maybe it's not for you.  But I do absolutely LOVE it. And so do others, evidently. It makes me feel grounded, warm, and sexy.  This is seriously one of those "love it or hate it" kind of soaps! 

11 INSANE Things You MUST Know About MARJORAM Essential Oil (Why You Need it in Your Home!)

This past Fall, I was sent a free 10 mL bottle of Marjoram Essential Oil from doTerra.  I said, "Marjoram?  Why?" I seriously did not know what to do with it!  And isn't that the way with essential oils or herbs when your first begin to know a plant? If you are new to a plant (essential oil or herb), you really must get to know it intimately and actually USE it.  Then you know how it works on the body and how it specifically works for YOU.  This goes for herbs as well as essential oils.

Cinnamon-Vanilla Hot Process Soap: You've GOT to Try this Recipe for One of My Most Popular Soaps!

This is seriously one of my best-smelling soaps!  Men love it.  Women love it! It's just loved by everyone! Scented with Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Patchouli essential oils and colored with Rose Kaolin Clay and Organic Ground Cinnamon---It's just a wonderful soap that has never disappointed!  You'll love this one!  Here are directions and the recipe!  :-)  Enjoy!