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You Might Be a Homesteader IF.... Here's How to Find Out if You Have the Heart and Mind of One!

Are YOU a homesteader? Doesn't really matter where you live!  People who consider themselves to be homesteaders fill the spectrum of people---city dwellers, suburbanites, ruralists, and they come from many different cultures and groups.  But there are a few characteristics they share.  How do you know if you are a homesteader?  Well, you might be a homesteader IF.....

How to Shop Like a Minimalist: 8 Things to Consider BEFORE You Buy That Thing!

How and Why to Shop Like a Minimalist!  So, with fear and trepidation (insert scary music), as I get ready to really go LOOK at the most cluttered place in our home (The Loft) and make a plan to actually follow through to declutter it and make it beautiful, I am sitting here thinking that OBVIOUSLY, if I had been thinking like a Minimalist BEFORE I bought all that "stuff," then I wouldn't be having to spend my time on this project now!

KILLER TOXINS Lurking in Your Soap---Why I Make Our Own Soap

Did you know....That most so-called "soaps" in stores are not REAL soap?  So... What ARE these "soaps" sold in the stores? Well, they are basically concoctions of dangerous chemicals, as cheaply made as possible for the greatest profit possible.  But these commercially made cleansing bars you’ll find in the stores contain dangerous toxic chemicals, and most of the time any glycerin is stripped out and used for other things.

How to Make EASY Unpaper Towels---Reusable Cloth "Paper" Towels

I admit.  I am a tad lazy when it comes to making some those ultra cute items that only crafty people can make.  I am just not crafty.  I would rather be outside getting dirty than be inside making "cute."  Don't get me wrong! I love, love, love cute things!  But I just don't like to make them.  So, when I ran across the idea of "unpaper" towels, I was intrigued!  These are basically towels that you can wash and reuse instead of wasting paper towels like crazy.  (Like we have been guilty of doing for years!)  I can't stand wasting things, and the way we go through paper towels has seriously bothered me for a long time.  Plus, they are expensive, and I figured this would just be one more way to save some coin! Here is my experience making Unpaper Towels!