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Do You Desire a Simple Homestead Life? (How We Started...Where We Are...and Where We're Headed)

Are you homestead dreaming? Do you want to simplify your life? Do you want to live more traditionally and be more self-sufficient? Here's how we began our own homestead journey a few years ago...And here is how you can start your own homesteading life, no matter where you live! Find out the step-by-steps and directions to get started on your homestead lifestyle. 

How to Preserve Eggs & TWO Methods for Freezing Eggs (Plus, a Discussion of Other Methods That Work to Preserve Eggs)

Because of the blessing of all these eggs our girls continually provide us with, I have been experimenting with how to preserve eggs. What is the best way? I've tried dehydrating eggs, freezing eggs (two ways), pickling eggs, and I think for the things I've tried, I have an answer to the question: Which way is best to preserve fresh eggs?

You Might Be a Homesteader IF.... Here's How to Find Out if You Have the Heart and Mind of One!

Are YOU a homesteader? Doesn't really matter where you live!  People who consider themselves to be homesteaders fill the spectrum of people---city dwellers, suburbanites, ruralists, and they come from many different cultures and groups.  But there are a few characteristics they share.  How do you know if you are a homesteader?  Well, you might be a homesteader IF.....

Why You MUST Keep a Seed Bank---Things to Consider

Given the just-right devastating crisis event, food storage and the ability to grow your own food may become more valuable than precious metals! Every responsible person should be thinking about learning how to garden, getting even a small one started (even if only using containers on a balcony--like I used to do when I rented), and of course, having good seeds set aside for current and future use.  Right now!  Here's more about what to consider and how to get your seed storage going!