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Do You Desire a Simple Homestead Life? (How We Started...Where We Are...and Where We're Headed)

Are you homestead dreaming? Do you want to simplify your life? Do you want to live more traditionally and be more self-sufficient? Here's how we began our own homestead journey a few years ago...And here is how you can start your own homesteading life, no matter where you live! Find out the step-by-steps and directions to get started on your homestead lifestyle. 

Putting the Sacred Back in December (Are You Overwhelmed with To To Lists? Maybe It's Time to Stop)

Do you feel overwhelmed during the holidays? Are you finding you actually dislike the month of December because of the crazy busy-ness? Here is a great way to STOP feeling stressed and bad about December's commercial vibe. Remind yourself what is REALLY important about the season. How to put the sacred back in December. How to remember what is truly important. 

How to Make Reusable Cling Wrap---From Cloth! An Incredible Gift! (Bees-Wrap for Green Living)

Find out how to make your own plastic wrap! Get rid of plastic in your life, and making these bees wraps is one way to reduce your plastic use. These reusable "cling wraps" are made with simple ingredients, are easy to make, and are beautiful! They make great gifts! Go green, and learn how to make your own cling wrap substitute that actually works better than toxic plastic wrap.

Herbal Chai Teas: Two Perfect Blends for Fall Pleasure or for Gift Giving (Chai Tea Blends to Crave!)

Chai is a traditional herbal spicy tea that originated in India and spread over Asia and Europe. It's got amazing health benefits, and it tastes INCREDIBLE. There are many recipe variations for chai, and here are my two most popular chai tea recipes: perfect for cold evenings, cool days, holidays, and gift giving for loved ones. These pretty tea blends make great handmade holiday gifts! 

How to Dye Your Hair Naturally with Henna (Plus, an Update About Henna Safety and Effectiveness)

Tired of paying lots of $$$ for chemical hair dye appointments that just damage your hair? Henna may be the answer for you! Here are the things you need to know about using henna as a hair dye: What is henna? Are there any negative side effects to using henna in your hair? What are the benefits of using henna? How do you dye your hair with henna? After nine months of using henna in my hair, here are my findings on henna as a hair color, along with detailed instructions!