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How to Make Incredible Chèvre Cheese (It's Easy, Healthy, Delicious! Anyone Can Make Goat Cheese)

This is seriously one of the best things I've ever done for myself: I learned how to make chèvre (goat) cheese! Yep! I took Corina Sahlin's Online Cheesemaking Course, and I've learned how to make this cheese, plus Gouda Cheese, Vino al Cabra, and two kinds of yogurt with her easy methods and cheese recipes. Find out how to make Chèvre cheese in just 10 steps!

Best Fermenting Starter Kit Out There! (Makes a Great Gift for the Health Conscious, Too!)

Have you been thinking about making your own fermented foods? It's SO easy and will save you a ton of money if you are currently buying raw fermented foods for your health. Plus, fermenting your own foods is delicious! There is a hard way to start...and an easy way. Click here to find out the best fermenting starter kit that's available right now. It's a great gift for yourself or a precious friend! I've included a couple great fermentation gift ideas too! 

Make Your Own "Easy" Hard Cider!

Recently we went to our local orchard, which had just opened for the season.  They still had some of their organic, freshly pressed full juice apple cider in frozen jugs! We bought some, so we decided to experiment with making some "EASY" hard cider.  It turned out GREAT!  Here's how we made Hard Cider!

How to Ferment Lemons in 9 Easy Steps (Plus Two Different Recipes: Mediterranean & Garlic Pepper)

I have become addicted to fermenting foods--ALL the foods! So when I was gifted with about a million lemons about a month ago, I had to find some great ways to use them!  Of course, I turned to fermentation, which is a way to preserve your food so it lasts longer while (magic of all magics)---supplies probiotic goodness to your body!  I'm a fan of fermentation because you have two great things going on at the same time: preservation AND raw health benefits and probiotics in your food to serve your body. Here's how to ferment lemons!