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How to Make EASY Unpaper Towels---Reusable Cloth "Paper" Towels

I admit.  I am a tad lazy when it comes to making some those ultra cute items that only crafty people can make.  I am just not crafty.  I would rather be outside getting dirty than be inside making "cute."  Don't get me wrong! I love, love, love cute things!  But I just don't like to make them.  So, when I ran across the idea of "unpaper" towels, I was intrigued!  These are basically towels that you can wash and reuse instead of wasting paper towels like crazy.  (Like we have been guilty of doing for years!)  I can't stand wasting things, and the way we go through paper towels has seriously bothered me for a long time.  Plus, they are expensive, and I figured this would just be one more way to save some coin! Here is my experience making Unpaper Towels!