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So many times, I have heard people talk about how, when they have a health issue, they go and do a little research on the internet to try to find a natural remedy.  It makes me CRAY, people!  Here's the scenario:  They have a health issue. They look it up on the 'net.  They find an "herb" that will solve the problem for them, run off to (horrors) a big box store and grab the cheapest bottle of powdered herbal capsules they can find, give it a try for a few days, then proclaim in frustration, "Herb's don't work!"  If you have ever wondered why herbal remedies aren't working for you, here are some potential reasons to consider.

Chamomile-Infused Hot Process Soap---Soothing on the Skin!

I love making my own soap! Besides the well-known fact that commercially made "soaps" are filled with toxins that may contribute to cancers, estrogen/other hormone issues, and skin sensitivities, I just love the creativity of making my own SAFE soaps just the way I want!  When you make your own soap, you get to decide which herbs, essential oils, clays, and exfoliants to use (or not).  You get to decide the "mood" of your soap. You get to decide on the color, scent, and how you want it to feel on your body---and all in safe, natural ways. Find out how to infuse skin soothing Chamomile into your handmade soap!

KILLER TOXINS Lurking in Your Soap---Why I Make Our Own Soap

Did you know....That most so-called "soaps" in stores are not REAL soap?  So... What ARE these "soaps" sold in the stores? Well, they are basically concoctions of dangerous chemicals, as cheaply made as possible for the greatest profit possible.  But these commercially made cleansing bars you’ll find in the stores contain dangerous toxic chemicals, and most of the time any glycerin is stripped out and used for other things.

Cellulite Scrubbing Hot Process Soap Recipe with Rosemary, Grapefruit & Cedarwood

Cellulite is just something that most women can't avoid---it's part of being a woman! Even if you are thin, you can have cellulite.  There is more general information about cellulite in this article.  With that said, there are ways to manage it, feel great at the same time, and keep yourself healthy in the process.  One of these ways is to use soap with cellulite-fighting ingredients!  Yep---the recipe for this hot process soap is filled with ingredients that help tone the skin, increase circulation, and provide an exfoliation benefit.

How to Naturally Color Soap with Plants, Roots, and Cla

When I first began making soap, I was just concerned about the soap lathering and being natural.  As I got better at soap making, though, my creative side took over, and I decided to begin experimenting with plant and clay-based colorants.  I've had all kinds of experiences, ranging from, "OOPS!"   "Meh."   and "Totally AWESOME!."  I'm here to share with you what has worked for me in the realm of coloring hand made soap naturally. 

Peppermint: Handmade Hot Process Essential Oil Soap Recipe

I love Peppermint!  The smell, the feeling of it on my skin!  Its lovely green color!  The way Peppermint wakes me up! Therefore, I just love making my own Peppermint Essential Oil Hot Process Soap!  This was supposed to be an article for holiday gift giving, and here I am a bit late!  However, I'm posting this anyway because you can make this soap any time!  It's especially great in the summer because it's so refreshing!  The Peppermint essential oil wakes you up, gives you mental clarity, and just smells sooooo delicious!

How to Infuse Herbs in Oils for Salves, Soaps & Remedies

If you want to make herbal salves, you need to infuse your herbs in oil first! Herb infused oils are great to use for soap making, salves, body oils, and butters! Plus, they look pretty cool on your shelves.  I always get asked, "What is that?" with fingers pointing toward my herbal infusions.  I love to explain, and people are always impressed with them!  Here is how to make some great infused herbal oils.  

How to Make Natural Pine Soap...Favorite Christmas Recipe #2

Don't you just love the scent of pine trees?  Especially now, during the holidays, Pine is "the" scent!  Pine is uplifting, calming, and mentally clarifying too.  When I use my Pine Soap in the shower, it just starts the day off right!  Here is a recipe for Pine Essential Oil Soap that can be used with either the Cold Process or the Hot Process methods.  I will link to my Hot Process Soap photo tutorials for clear, step by step directions on how to make hot process soap!  ---If you choose the hot process route, you can use the soap right away!  Bonus! :-)  

Handmade Essential Oil Soap for Christmas #1: Frankincense & Myrrh

Frankincense and Myrrh are famous for being gifts for Our Lord Jesus on the day of his birth from the Three Kings.  Both of these oils were more valued than gold in those times.  These days, they are revered for their health benefits, and Frankincense, in particular, for its anti-aging and skin healing properties. I've added some Moroccan Red Clay to give this soap a lovely light pink/brown color and for the extra benefits for your skin.  I love giving Frankincense & Myrrh Handmade Hot Process Soap for gifts during the holidays!  

How to Make Hot Process Soap! Recipe for Lavender-Rosemary-Vanilla Pink Clay Soap

Oh My Gosh!  I just love this hot process recipe for Lavender-Rosemary-Vanilla exfoliating soap!  The blend of essential oils in this soap is extraordinary!  I just can't think of a better word.  The Lavender is calming, the Rosemary increases clarity, and the Vanilla is just plain soothing.  I also add a natural colorant of French Pink Clay which gives the soap an amazing "slip."  This means it's great for shaving too!  I add in some organic Lavender flowers for texture and exfoliation---and BAM!  Amazing, lathering, long lasting, natural herbal soap that is GREAT for your skin, mind, and spirit!