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Do You Desire a Simple Homestead Life? (How We Started...Where We Are...and Where We're Headed)

Are you homestead dreaming? Do you want to simplify your life? Do you want to live more traditionally and be more self-sufficient? Here's how we began our own homestead journey a few years ago...And here is how you can start your own homesteading life, no matter where you live! Find out the step-by-steps and directions to get started on your homestead lifestyle. 

Seven Ways it Pays to Be Frugal on Your Homestead (Even if You are in a City, the Suburbs, or the Country)

Frugal living has some negative connotations in our modern world. However, if you want to pay off debt, save money, or make financial gains, you may find yourself wondering how to be frugal, and why you should bother? Here are seven ways frugal living pays off! Find out how living frugally can be good for you...and even make you healthier!