Hot Process Soap Making: How to Make & Customize Your Own Natural Soap

Hot Process Soap Making: How to Make & Customize Your Own Natural Soap


Have you ever thought about making your own natural, handmade soap? 

I know I did! A LOT!  But....I was afraid.

I was afraid of working with lye. I was afraid it would flop, and I would have lost a ton of money on supplies. I was a little worried I would like it TOO much and become one of those crazy soap ladies! 

Are you like I was?

This 88 page eBook is a complete and detailed guide to everything you'll need to know to make your own hot process soap and customize it the way YOU want it! You'll get my famous BEST soap making recipe I've ever found or created, and you'll learn how to add natural herbs, clays, textures, and essential oils to turn it into a thing of absolute beauty and wonder for your family and friends!

If you've ever wanted to make your own soap, and especially try your hand at hot process soap NEED this book! :-)   It's the book I wish I had had when I started out making soap years ago.  You'll learn everything you need to know about making your own hot process soap, along with lots of recipe variation ideas, lists and charts of herbs, essential oils, and clays---and LOTS more! 

You'll be ready to get creative with your very own soap after you enjoy this book!


Anna says:

"Hands-down, the most accessible and enjoyable book on soap-making that I've read. I've made soap several times, so I'm not entirely new to it, but didn't LOVE my results, and had gotten a bit discouraged. This book rekindled my zeal for home soap-making (and reminded me why it's so much better for my family than even the "natural" store-bought stuff.) This is THE soap-making manual I'll keep coming back to - can't wait to try every recipe!"


"I've been making cold-processed soaps for years, but with Heidi's in-depth look at hot-processed soaps, I have a feeling I might be changing my ways soon! Even with all the soap making experience I've gained over the years, I still learned an awful lot from this book!

No matter where you find yourself in the process of making soap, this book is a great resource for all levels of experience!"


"This book is so informative. I'm a total newbie and it has everything I need to know about hot process soap making! The soaps are beautiful. They would be great to use and wonderful as gifts! I was interested to learn everything I needed to know about lye and why you use it for soap making. I can't wait to start making my own soaps for my family! There is tons of information in the book for newbies but even seasoned soap makers would love this book! There are a variety of recipes included that I can't wait to try!"

Lori says:

Hi Heidi,

"I just downloaded your ebook and quickly read through it.  Thank you so much for putting this together as it is very helpful.  I have been wanting to make soap forever but have been reluctant to do so because it can be so finicky."

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Before I began making my own soap, I thought about it a lot. A LOT! Whenever I'd go into a health store, I'd always search out the natural soaps---I just LOVED them! And I'd always think, "I think I can make my own soap!?" But making soap got put on the back burner for many years---I was worried about working with lye, for one thing. Plus, I think I was afraid I'd become addicted! And guess what?

Once I began making soaps for our family, and realized all the different things I could do, I actually DID become a bit soap obsessed! It's fun! It's WAY more healthy for your body. And they make amazing gifts! Like, people are REALLY appreciative to receive handmade soaps, especially when they are personalized just for them! Have you ever given any thought to making your very own soaps for your family? 

I get asked lots of questions about how to make soap, as well as requests for me to make soap for others--sometimes whole entire loaves! I honestly don't have a lot of time to make loads of soap anymore, so I thought I'd write the perfect guide for those who want to just....GO for it! I say, "Just DO it!" It's easy! It's fun! Hot Process Soap Making is Fast! So, here it is: Hot Process Soap Making: How to Make & Customize Your Own Natural Hot Process Soaps. 

If you have ever thought about making your own natural soaps for your family, you will love this eBook!

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Here's What You'll Enjoy in This Hot Process Soap Making Guidebook:

Why Make Your Own Soap?

Here are all the reasons you SHOULD make your own soaps! Or at least be sure you are buying quality natural soaps for your family and children. I've made some pretty compelling arguments for why you should consider making your own!

Types of Soap Making

In this section, we will take a look at all the different kinds of soap making. The book focuses on the hot process method, but in this section, I give an overview of the similarities and differences between different types of handmade soaps. 

About Hot Process Soap Making

I love hot process soap making! You'll find out why you will LOVE hot process soap making methods too! In this section, you'll get an outline of exactly what hot process soap making is.

Tools Needed and Safety Concerns:

You'll learn about the tools you absolutely must have (and once you have them, you need never buy them again--unless they break, that is), plus a section devoted to safety and how to work with lye without getting hurt.


What is Lye and What Happens to It?

In this section, you'll find out what lye is and why it's needed to make soap. You'll also find out what on earth happens to it! This was always a mystery to me, and one reason I kind of stayed away from making soap for a long time.  Does it really just disappear?

My BEST, Luxuriously Moisturizing, Super Lathering, Long-Lasting Basic Soap Recipe

I have tried LOTS of soap recipes, using different oils and combinations. With all these experiments, I finally found THE one recipe that EVERY one loves! I've even had people tell me they won't use any other soap any more! 

You will find out how to use this amazing and much-loved recipe to create variations of your very own---or use my recipes!

In this book, I am sharing this amazing, super lathering, highly moisturizing, never fail recipe with YOU! You are going to love this!


Complete and Detailed Instructions for Hot Process Soap Making

This section walks you through every single step in the soap making process in detail, and with pictures. You won't have any questions left over after this. You can print out these pages and use them as references while you work, too! If you are new at soap making, or even just new at making hot process soap, you'll love this part! 

When I started out making soap, I found lots of cold process tutorials, but not too many tutorials for hot process soap making.  There still aren't a lot out there. So, here you go! Easy, complete, detailed instructions for making your own hot process soap!


Experimenting with Natural Colors, Scents, and Textures

You'll find out all kinds of ways to color your soap naturally; add textures, exfoliants, and softeners; and how to scent your soap using natural essential oils.  This section gives you a jumping off point for creating your own soaps the exact way YOU want them to be! Pretty exciting! 


I also give you 21 of my most popular recipe variations. These have been successful in the market place and in high demand. You can use these as they are, make your own adjustments to make them even better, or use them to give you some more creative ideas for your own soaps! 

There are sections for these recipes based on scent: Natural, Refreshing, Woodsy, Citrus, Spicy, and Floral.

Charts and Lists to Help Guide Your Soap Making Decisions

I provide lists and color chart, plus a section on textures too. These help make your choices much easier...because the sheer number of possible variations is enormous and for some (like me), a little overwhelming! I help you simplify!

Final Thoughts

If you've ever wanted to make your own soap, but been a little'll love this book.

If you've hesitated because maybe you thought you'd have to buy too many'll find the things you need simplified. If you doubt your creativity and ability to make amazing soaps everyone will love....doubt no more! 

With this book, you will be able to make your own beautiful, useful, moisturizing, good-for-you soaps perfectly! 

I hope you are inspired to make your own soap!