eBook: How to be Healthy: Natural Cold & Flu Care

eBook: How to be Healthy: Natural Cold & Flu Care

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Wouldn't you love to stay healthy when everyone else around you is sick? Or know exactly what to do to help your child if they get a fever? Wouldn't you love to know how to recover from that terrible cold as quickly as possible?

This 60 page eBook is jam packed with natural herbal and essential oil remedies to 1) help you stay healthy and NOT get sick, 2) make that cold/flu go away FAST, 3) help improve symptoms while healing your body, and 4) help your recovery stay on track. 

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Christina, from Little Sprouts Learning, says:  "I just finished reading Heidi's Natural Cold and Flu Care book and WOW! This book is so comprehensive and informative. I feel like I have an answer to use for every illness situation I could be facing in the future. Her recipes are easy to follow and understand, her vast knowledge is presented in an easy to follow way and is so comprehensive, you probably won't need any other book! This is a wonderful resource to have for keeping your family from getting sick and knowing what to do if they do get sick. It's a real must-have for your resource library!"
Lisann says, "How To Be Healthy is a very thorough guide to getting well and staying that way naturally, without all the artificial chemicals and side effects of store bought medications. So many easy to follow recipes for any type of illness! I'm really excited to make some of these elderberry recipes to have on hand when the kids bring the inevitable cold home from school. Heidi obviously knows her stuff and I'm sure I'll get a ton of use out of this book."
Victoria, from a Modern Homestead says, "A wonderfully thorough guide for cold and flu season, this book takes all the guess-work out of herbal remedies for you and your family! We use several of the recipes in this book already, but I was so excited to see even more options for natural health! - Victoria at A Modern Homestead"
Leslie says, “How to be Healthy” is a thorough book on staying healthy that comes with a number of recipes for healthy teas and tonics. I have never heard of Fire Cider before, but now I never plan to be without it. Between the onions, ginger, horseradish, vinegar, and peppers; this will very likely save us many days of suffering colds and illness. For many years I have refused to take over the counter and prescription medication because of the unnatural and toxic effect on the human body. Having these natural remedies to stay healthy and fight of illness is a blessing.  I can’t thank you enough Heidi for your ideas and many tested recipes for wellness."

We all know how it feels when a cold or flu is coming on. Achy joints, maybe a little tickle in your nose, a tiny touch of sore throat? And then we hear on the news how a terrible cold/flu illness is sweeping the nation? Plus, nobody wants to go to the doctor's office unless they're desperate, am I right?

Well, I wrote this book for people who 1) love to stay healthy, 2) want to learn how to get rid of the cold/flu fast if it does strike, 3) want to use effective, natural healing methods, and 4) want to recover quickly

In this 60 page eBook, you'll find out:

  • How to stay healthy, even when everyone else around you is sick
  • Why you should use natural remedies, including herbs and essential oils instead of or along with regular medications
  • How to create easy home remedies for symptoms and health
  • How to use herbs for fever
  • How to use herbs for sore throat
  • How to use herbs for coughs
  • How to use herbs for congestion
  • How to recover faster if you do get sick
  • How to stay well once you're on the mend
  • What items to have ready to go in your medicine chest

You'll love this easy-to-read book filled with easy ways to stock your medicine chest with natural remedies so you're not caught off guard. 

The book is sectioned into four parts addressing prevention and general health, how to stop a cold/flu in its tracks so it may not even get started, addressing symptoms for healing and comfort in case the cold/flu does strike you, and finally, how to keep that recovery on track so you that darned cold/flu doesn't revisit you with a vengeance. 

These are all easy methods and preparations, and most can be made ahead so you'll have what you need in your medical kit! Be ready and be natural!  

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