Printable 8x10 The Sun by John Drinkwater

Printable 8x10 The Sun by John Drinkwater


This sweet poem is a good reminder to just be happy through the little things. It's one of my favorites by John Drinkwater.

Suitable for framing, gifting or enjoying, you'll love this simple but important message

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A great reminder that is suitable for framing, gifting, or just enjoying in your office or home. Here are the words, in case you can't see them well in the picture: "I told the sun that I was glad, I'm sure I don't know why; Somehow the pleasant way he had Of shining in the sky, Just put a notion in my head That wouldn't it be fun. If, walking on the hill, I said, "I'm happy," to the sun.

A whimsicle little poem sure to bring a smile---  :-)