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I’m Heidi, and I’m the founder of Healing Harvest Homestead, a website that teaches simple self-reliance skills for the modern age. Gardening is a big part of the self-reliance skillset!

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  • But what if you can’t garden outside?

  • Or you live in a place with some rough weather?

  • Or it’s just difficult to get outside to do it?

Well, you CAN garden right inside your home.

Growing herbs indoors is a great way to have a healthy, alive stash of herbs to use for medicine & cooking right at your fingertips!

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“Hi Heidi!  Just getting your weekly newsletter helps me.  Even when things are down you always find a way to end your news with something cheerful, uplifting and full of hope.  Your writing style is delightful and fun to read.  I just started back to an online school and went through and unsubscribed from a bunch of my weekly reports because I didn't have time to keep up with them.  There was never any question about keeping yours!” —Karen

"Geez Heidi,    I just found you!  My  hubster made me get off the computer cause i spent so much time reading your stuff.  Why cant you be my neighbor dangit?  I have the hardest time with friends cause they think me so strange. Ha ha. Thanks for the manly gift ideas!---Liz"

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