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If you enjoy our blog and the information we share here at Healing Harvest Homestead, we would be grateful for your support! That does not mean you need to send or give us money, but there are other ways to give us a hand!

What it Takes to Keep the Blog Going

Joe and I are still working full time away from our homestead.  Joe drives an hour and a half both ways to work as a painter in a large city.  I teach fourth grade in a small town down the mountain.  Any time that is left goes into our homestead:  fencing, raising and caring for nearly 30 animals, gardening/composting, general projects, keeping up with chores, cooking from scratch, preserving foods, continuing our education into homestead skills (herbal medicine making, growing fodder, and more).  The blogging takes place in the evenings after everything else is done! We dedicate time, effort, and resources to sharing our experiences and thoughts here, with the desire that we may help even one family or person to become more self-sufficient in this beautiful world.  We appreciate any support you can give to help us help others.

It takes money to provide hosting, maintenance, and registration for the website, not to mention technical items.  I write and blog because I love it!  I love to share and teach. If you feel I am providing value through our blog, I'd love your support.  

How a Blog Makes Money:  

I often get asked how blogging can earn an income.  Well, sometimes it can, and sometimes it just doesn't.  Here are ways most bloggers earn money, starting with what I think are the most popular:

1) Ads

You know those flashing ads that show up everywhere on some blogs?  They get in the way and are often just plain obnoxious?  Well, they can literally bring in hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for large websites in a month.  But some bloggers, (like me) choose NOT to use them because I'd prefer to use other methods to earn a little money from my blogging efforts.  I want my readers to have a great experience.  So far, I've not gone the ad route.  I hope not to. 

2) Selling eBooks or Other Products

Most bloggers have one or more products in the form of eBooks, courses, or physical items they sell.  I'm just starting out, so right now, I don't have much out there yet.  It's my dream to eventually publish a physical book some day.

But for the time being, I hope you will take a look at the eBook I currently have out now! You may decide it's something you could use! 

3) Affiliates

Affiliates are when a blogger links to a product they enjoy or use (or want to try).  Amazon is a huge source of affiliate links for most bloggers.  When people click through and make a purchase, the blogger will earn a small commission---about 4%.  You know that affiliate disclosure?  We have to have those on our sites, legally.  The best thing about using affiliate links is that IT DOESN'T COST YOU ANYTHING! Yay! :-) And Happy Dance! 

4) YouTube or Podcasts

Some bloggers create videos and earn money from ads on those platforms. I'm hoping to start a YouTube channel sometime soon---but I'm working on courage right now :-)

How You Can Easily Support Our Blog

1.  Shop Amazon Through Our Shop or the Links in the Articles or Sidebar

If you are like us (and most people these days), you probably do quite a bit of your shopping through Amazon! An easy way to help us out without paying anything extra, shopping through our Amazon link is a HUGE help!  When you shop through our links, we earn a small commission (about 4%).  This doesn't cost you anything! Yay! Your Amazon order will cost exactly the same, but we get a bit of financial support.  Every little bit helps out!

Easy Step by Step Instructions:

First: click on this link.  It will open in a new window and take you to the regular Amazon homepage. By using the link, there is a unique tracking code to our website attached!

Second: Press Ctrl + D (or Command + D on Mac) on your keyboard.  This will bookmark the link.  Just name it something---maybe "Amazon--Healing Harvest."  

Third: Any time you go to Amazon to make a purchase, just access Amazon and complete your purchase through that link! We will receive a very small commission at ZERO additional cost or effort from you!  

OR If you are enjoying an article, just shop through one of the links in the article. Most are for Amazon! This is how I thanked those bloggers over the years who I really appreciated! I would shop through their websites! 

Click HERE to Shop! 

2. Leave Comments, Share, and Follow

One of our favorite things to do is to read and follow other homesteaders' journeys on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.  Believe it or not, when people are interested and engaged, the energy is real.  Our mission is to inspire others the same way! 

Please pin our pictures, share our stories, and comment when you read something you like!  Our blog is a new one in this niche, and it's been wonderful watching our engagement grow.  This website would be nothing without YOU, our reader.  Your thoughts mean everything to us! 

By commenting, sharing, and pinning, you are helping us grow!  

Thank you so much for being part of our journey!