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About Healing Harvest Homestead

I started blogging at Healing Harvest Homestead a year ago, July, 2016 in order to share our passion for this healthy and natural lifestyle with others---to show people it's a journey, and no matter where you are, it's easy to begin living a healthy life, even in small ways. 

I publish consistent, quality content covering topics such as

  • Gardening
  • Small-homestead livestock and pets
  • Poultry
  • Herbalism
  • Fermentation
  • Traditional living
  • Preparedness
  • General homesteading
  • Natural Beauty & Body Care
  • Natural Health 

My readership has become a quickly growing community of learners and like-minded people hungry for tips and suggestions on ways they can create a healthy life for themselves, no matter where they live, urban, suburban, or rural areas. 

Current Site Analytics

  • 48,000 pageviews per month (and rapidly growing)
  • 36,000 unique visitors per month (and rapidly growing)
  • 2,600 + reach on Social Media Platforms
  • 75% of readers between 18 and 44 years old
  • About a 50/50 gender split

Why You Should Partner with Healing Harvest Homestead:


Check out my article on How to Stop Bleeding Fast in an Emergency 

Work With Me

Well, hello! I'm so glad you're here! I love working with companies, and I can't wait to talk with you---

Hello, I'm Heidi Villegas

I am a writer and blogger with a passion for sharing herbalism, traditional cooking and health, homesteading, gardening, and natural living ideas!

As a retired teacher and mother of four grown children and three grandchildren, I have always had an interest in creating a healthy home and teaching others.

These days, my husband and I work hard to live a natural, self-sufficient life on our suburban/rural small homestead. We are into preparedness and traditional living! I desire to add value and make the world a better place by providing excellent content and to be available to my readers!

Partnership Opportunities

My partnership rate is $250, and my content is evergreen. Here is what this includes:

  • Write an original blog post of at least 500 words. I am a competent writer, however, and it's very likely my post will be closer to 1,000 words or more, since I like to add in my personal experiences, a story, and some research as well. I will also continue to internally link within other relevant posts. 
  • A minimum of four social media shares (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest)
  • Once the post is published, I will continually promote a pin with a link to the article on Pinterest for at least one month, using proven Pinterest sharing strategies. 
  • Other: Additional exposure on social media, becoming a brand representative using my Instagram and Facebook pages a certain number of times per month, are negotiable for additional commission. 

How to Reach Me

You can reach me at healingharvesthomestead@gmail.com (Best) or heidivillegas@healingharvesthomestead.com (Just Fine). 

I look forward to working with you!

Read one of my tutorials. This one is How to Make Your Own Natural Soap. 

Read one of my tutorials. This one is How to Make Your Own Natural Soap