Follow your dreams! I'm Heidi— a big city dweller & teacher for decades turned homesteader and herbalist. I’m dedicated to helping you become happy, healthy, & self-reliant in your life  no matter where you live!  I’m doing it, and so can you!

Follow your dreams! I'm Heidi— a big city dweller & teacher for decades turned homesteader and herbalist. I’m dedicated to helping you become happy, healthy, & self-reliant in your life no matter where you live! I’m doing it, and so can you!


I'm SO happy you're here!

Healing Harvest Homestead is a place for you IF:

  • You want more independence from the current health industry and want to take charge of your family’s health—naturally

  • You want to learn about healthy and traditional ways of living and creating foods

  • You’d like to learn more about using natural plant medicines so you can create your own home remedies

  • You are interested in taking your own steps in areas of urban and suburban homesteading by learning about gardening, keeping backyard chickens, ducks, turkeys, and goats, and more

  • You want to learn more about how and why to become prepared for potential emergencies so you can keep your family safe in short term and long term disasters

  • You are interested in beginning to garden: amending soil, composting, sprouting seeds, growing, and harvesting

  • You want to do it and make it yourself!

  • You want to learn along with us! And hopefully share your experiences on the website, Facebook page, Instagram etc. It's a collective journey!

  • AND LOTS more!

I’m all about THINKING DIFFERENTLY in this modern world. Outside the box, so to speak.

Even when we lived in a huge city, we were working on self-reliance and homesteading skills—-we just didn’t know it at that time.

Where did the name, Healing Harvest Homestead, come from?

1) I believe healing and health are caused by living as natural and pure a life as possible and in using our minds and thoughts and prayer to help us grow.

This includes healthy, clean eating; using natural supplements & remedies for health; making as much as you can yourself; and finding ways to find joy in all the simple things.

I believe all these things having to do with mind, body, and spirit can heal.

That’s where “Healing” comes from.

2) When I realized I was an actual “homesteader,” a person who thrives and feels empowered by being self-reliant, it felt natural to call our home a “homestead.”

This is where “Homestead” comes in.

Growing our own healthy food, cooking from scratch, preparing foods using traditional skills like fermentation and other preservation methods, and making our own home remedies…. this is homesteading!

3) And the harvest?

Besides the obvious gardening and growing of foods and medicines—-we reap what we sow, literally and figuratively.

I believe that all the actions we take as individuals will come back to us. Our healthy life depends on positive sowing so we can reap a healthy harvest…physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And this is where the “Harvest” comes from.

Hence: Healing Harvest Homestead—-A place you can come to learn from our experiences & studies. And to be inspired to reach for your own natural health and self-reliance goals!

Here are some of the comments and thank you’s I get all the time via email; our Facebook group, Practical Herbs with Heidi; Messenger, and Instagram:

"Geez Heidi, I just found you! My hubster made me get off the computer cause i spent so much time reading your stuff. Why cant you be my neighbor dangit? I have the hardest time with friends cause they think me so strange. Ha ha. Thanks for the manly gift ideas!---Liz"

And here is another one:

I want to publicly thank Heidi Villegas once again for sharing her knowledge. Many of the herbal preparations I have made so far have been to help my kids with various things. My daughter is graduating high school this year and has a tremendous amount on her plate, with an AP exam coming up and preparing for a Chinese intensive program she is doing this summer. She is understandably stressed out. I made up some of Heidi's De-Stress tea, and it helps her. I have been having her take some eleuthero, too. Part of the reason I got on the herb journey is because she was experiencing some exhaustion last year, and the doctors had no answers. Blood tests showed nothing, and they just shrugged their shoulders. Heidi, thank you! Your efforts in educating others about herbs are benefiting people far and wide. ❤️ —Heather S.

And here’s more about how our health & self-reliance mindset grew:

Mr. V and I got so tired of being at the mercy of the BIG powers-that-be: the modern day health and pharmaceutical industry, Big Ag and the super sick processed & factory food industry, and being at the mercy of monopolistic utility companies.

So, we began changing our lives and learning how to be as independent as we could. Together we started this change when we were still working our jobs in the middle of one of the most arrogant, hedonistic, and unnatural cities in the world: Las Vegas, NV.

We changed our lives by learning how to make our own medicines with plants, growing our own garden for food to eat (even in a rented home in the suburbs), raising as much of our own meat as we could, and basically doing a LOT (as much as possible) ourselves.

Then we lucked out and moved an hour outside of Las Vegas to a small off-grid community called Cold Creek, in the high desert of the Spring Mountain range. There we began raising chickens, goats, and had a garden that actually almost fed us…and experienced living off grid.

One year ago, after we retired from our long time careers, we moved to where we are now, to the panhandle of Idaho, on the edge of the Palouse and Camas prairies. We are still raising goats and poultry, have a much larger garden, and hope to start a medicinal herb farm next year.

We are on a journey.

And I want to encourage YOU, no matter where you are living right now, to start your homestead and self-reliance journey NOW! It’s never too late.

Are you homestead dreaming?

Well, keep on dreaming! But start the doing too—-You can do this even in the city.

Obviously, we are not completely self-reliant, and I’m not sure that is even possible. We still visit stores for some items, but those things are decreasing every year we learn and experiment.

The great thing about this self-reliance journey is that we can help others with our knowledge and efforts. There’s great peace in this.

Here at Healing Harvest Homestead: You’ll learn:

  • how to make your own natural products for health

  • how to make your own natural body care and cleaning products

  • how to identify, forage for and use herbs & essential oils to support your health and wellness

  • grow your own vegetables & meats & preserve them for later

  • become prepared for emergencies

  • cook from scratch

  • learn traditional food preparation and preservation methods (including fermentation)

  • how to raise and care for backyard chickens and small livestock (even if you have a small property)

  • and lots of the other lessons we've learned along the way!

Healing Harvest Homestead has become a quickly growing collective of some truly wonderful people! It’s a blessing to have met so many of you “online!” And if I haven’t “met” you yet, then I look forward to it soon!

And…I hope you will get the weekly newsletter that contains information not found on the blog, weekly tips & tricks, and lots more! Below are some testimonials from readers:

In fact, here are some more testimonials from readers of Healing Harvest Homestead:

"What a delightful website you have created!!!  I can see that you’ve put a BUNCH of time, thought and Love into all the information you have organized.  Thank you very much … that is a blessing to me!" --Heather

And another:

“Hi Heidi!  Just getting your weekly newsletter helps me.  Even when things are down you always find a way to end your news with something cheerful, uplifting and full of hope.  Your writing style is delightful and fun to read.  I just started back to an online school and went through and unsubscribed from a bunch of my weekly reports because I didn't have time to keep up with them.  There was never any question about keeping yours!” —Karen


"Dear Heidi,   I just want to give you a big shout out because I love your newsletters, I really look forward to each one....  You have inspired me to making some soap, which I have always wanted to do, but keep putting on the back burner and the sticky wax wraps which I now have my resin so that’s my project for this weekend. Great way to use up some of our lrg quantities of beeswax....So thank you for your fantastic, inspiring thoughts and doings for each week. May you have an amazing day. Kindest regards, Sally🙏🌺🌈👍"

Here’s another via Facebook:

I would very much like to thank you Heidi! I was desperate about 6 weeks ago when my lungs were in trouble! And with a week workshop coming up playing recorder (music instrument) when I searched the Internet your "Asthma and Lung Tonic came up! The next day I went and purchased the herbs and was on my way to no asthma and healthy lungs. The week of playing recorder has come and gone and apart from the last day, my asthma was non-existent! A very big THANK YOU - YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!

I really love our growing community (that’s you), and I hope you will be part of it by visiting often, searching through the articles for things you’re interested in, emailing me with any questions, getting the newsletter and accessing the Resource Library I am creating for you FREE. :-)

***I think you’ll really enjoy reading through the articles on the blog and learning how to make and do so many useful things on your own homestead!

Our History:

You can homestead! No matter where you may live!

I feel very strongly about that statement. You see, I lived in a large quickly growing city for 50 years of my life. I saw that city grow from 250,000 to over 3 million in just 40 years.

Although I didn’t know it, I was an urban homesteader. I began gardening in my yard in the suburbs when I realized the vegetables in the stores were filled with pesticides, and buying organic was not an option on my teacher’s salary as a single mom of four.

And then I kept on learning more and more, experimenting with other ways to be as self-reliant as possible.

I didn’t even know homesteading was a “thing” for much of my life.

But it is because of my own journey from where I was to where I am now that I KNOW you can take the steps you want to take to become as self-reliant as you can and want to be no matter where you may be living right now.

I’ve had many people tell me “thank you” for sharing our experiences, recipes, and solutions so everyone who is interested can be more self-reliant. (You can read a few more of their comments just below.)

But there’s always that question, “Why do you do this?”

I teach through my writings about self-reliant living to help and inspire people to know they do not have to be at the mercy of the “big” systems out there. Big Ag, Big Pharma, the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.—-and boy is it ever sad), and that simple simplicity often wins the day.

There is a LOT of trickery in our world these days.

So, I write and teach on the blog and social media to help people free themselves from the big systems so they (and you) can live happier, healthier lives and be as independent as you can.

You don’t have to be a victim to the herd mentality that has become our modern society!

Think different! Act different. Be happier, healthier, and be more satisfied in your life.

That’s what Healing Harvest Homestead is all about: Natural Health and Self-Reliance!

Here’s another email I got just the other day, and I just had to share this here….it shows a bit more about the personality of Healing Harvest Homestead, and it made me laugh pretty hysterically because I am NOT a hippie—-well at least I don’t think so:

Wow, thanks for getting back to me so quickly! It sounds like we are exactly on the same page.

Ok, I have to tell you this, and we mean it as a supreme compliment, so please take it in that spirit. My husband is into organic gardening and follows several bloggers pertaining to permaculture and sustainability. I follow you and a handful of others. Sometimes it's hard to remember which person goes with which blog or philosophy (if you don't follow them yourself). …

Even though he doesn't follow you himself, he says "I like her!" We are especially interested in your DIY herbal medicines and remedies. … Anyway if I say Heidi from healing harvest homestead he may or may not know who I'm talking about. We have renamed you "the hippie-dippy lady". I just recently made the spray version of your mosquito repellent. Before I did, he was peppering me with questions. I told him I had considered a couple of others, but settled on yours. I told him it was from the "hippie dippy lady, so she ought to know" and he said "Oh, yeah, go with that one!"

When we call you the hippie dippy lady, we mean this as a huge compliment! Pam

And here’s yet another:

"I want to thank you so much for all of the valuable information that you send out.  You have inspired me soo much to continue to push ahead and use the talents that the Lord has blessed me with.  I am a new beginning soapmaker and have soo many questions, and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.  I absolutely love the scriptures that you also share and how you acknowledge the Lord in your newsletters.....Please keep up the excellent work that you do and stay encouraged because you are truly a blessing." ---Debra

Some people may think we are strange and perhaps even old-fashioned when they notice our herbal medicines in the window, or watch our "farm" animals that rotate through each year. 

That’s ok. Once they get to know us, usually they are just amazed. Many want to do what we do. Homesteading, natural health, and self-reliance are growing trends these days. If you are interested, I hope you’ll join us by subscribing to our free newsletter.

The thing is: I learn as I write to you. I share my experiences, and they don't always turn out. My newsletter  to you all is very personal, as a matter of fact. 

**You can sign up for the newsletter here and also get access to the password protected Resource Library that is expanding weekly with eBooks, guides, cheat sheets, and lots more to help you in your own self-reliance journey.

Just complete the form below:

Anyhow….Like we did years ago, all you have to do is start learning where you’re comfortable.

Pick something to try, experiment, learn it, and then learn and do some more! Start with easy things.

Ask questions! Please ask in the comments section of articles. It’s where we all learn and can be helped. Or if you know something I don’t know or didn’t think to add, please share with all of us!

That’s all there is to it!

Homesteading is so fun, useful, and empowering! And the never-ending journey to self-reliance is a joyful one!

I am here to tell you: You can do this! You can be who and what YOU choose to be, my friend! All you need to do is keep moving forward, a little bit each day.

And here are other notes I’ve received from readers:

"I love reading your articles.  I can relate to another human out there when I read them.  Keep up the good work spreading your knowledge.  Maybe just one person will make a change in their diet or lifestyle based on what they have read on your website.  You have a big heart to want to help others in this way." ---Jena


I just received your newsletter and saw the blend of essential oils in your recipe. Having them all at hand, I decided to try them in the diffuser. It's a beautiful blend, totally relaxing! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter, great recipes, knowledge and positive thoughts.

Many thanks :)

 I hope you’ll join us often on our website, and help us build this community by sharing your own thoughts & ideas with us! 

And here are some extra facts about me you might want to know:

I hold a Masters degree plus various certifications in the field of education, herbalism, and soon, clinical aromatherapy. Soon, I will be a certified aromatherapist and will add the title C.A. behind my name as well.

I have been a teacher for most of my life: preschool, then elementary school, then middle school (I wanted to have my kids with me, and I did…since homeschooling in the 80's and 90's wasn’t an option where we lived.

When I started teaching, I got to choose my children's teachers and schools). Then I taught special education for children with learning and emotional disabilities when my own kids were older. I loved every minute!

After working for several decades in the public school system, I decided I wanted to teach in a different way to a different group of people. 

And here I am….teaching through my blog, Healing Harvest Homestead. 

I am a mom and a grandmother, and have been an empty nester for nearly five years. Between Mr. V. and myself, we have eight kids (four each) and nearly eight grandkids (two are on the way).

Here's a bit more about things on the blog:

My favorite list of Valuable Resources I use all the time!

Favorite Blog Posts: 

Have you ever wanted to make your own natural products you can trust?

I have many articles on soap making and other body care products:

Interested in learning about how to use herbs and essential oils safely?

Check out these articles to get started:  

Want to know about raising poultry and livestock on less than an acre of land?

Interested in Gardening topics and solutions?

I'm really into fermentation right now, too---both for the probiotic goodness and high level of nutrients for your health, but also as a food preservation method.  Here are a couple articles that may interest you:

I also write on survival and preparedness topics, mostly geared for the beginner and women.  

Here's a post on

So you can get started experimenting with using herbs and essential oils, I’ve written a free “starter” herbal eBook just for you, “How to Relax Using Herbs.” 

It's a gift from me to you!  In fact, it is one of several gifts I have for you in the FREE Resource Library. It’s password protected for subscribers as a “thank you” for being here!

You can get access by completing the form below:

From another reader:

Thanks Heidi!

Its great to really connect with you. I too have a vision-to buy about 2 acres near a pine forest and build a cob house and live peacefully, having retired early from my job. Infact I am working towards it...And meanwhile as you say I am learning new things. I am making soap and sewing things and cooking etc etc...Now I am going to learn about sewing leather/faux leather messenger bags...

Thanks for you inspiring newsletters, Heidi...

Take care,


And another:


I found your website via Pinterest about a month or so ago.  I've subscribed to your emails and am in two Facebook groups of yours. First, I wanted to say thank you for what you are doing….Your email newsletters are like a letter sent to me from a good friend…. If you ever doubt that what you are doing is falling on deaf ears, please know they are like a breath of fresh air for me.  I relate to so many things you write about.  The inspiration and encouragement section is always spot on and I look forward to them every week.—-J

I hope you’ll join our community by subscribing to the newsletter, following me on Instagram, Pinterest, & Facebook, and joining one or both of the private Facebook groups, Practical Herbs with Heidi and Handmade & All Natural Body with Heidi.

It’s a lot of learning fun around here!

I truly hope to hear from you!  Leave comments on the articles! I love them and always reply!

Sign up for the newsletter and email me with your thoughts and questions! I love and appreciate the feedback...and more than anything, I'd love to get to know you! 

Hugs, Health, & Self-Reliance,


Thank You for Stopping By! 

And, if you like what you see here, please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, too!

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I’m so glad you’re here!

Canning green tomatoes and peppers....YUM!

Canning green tomatoes and peppers....YUM!

May “the Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” Numbers 6:24-26