10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Child's Immune System and Keep Him--and You, Well! (Do These If You Love Your Child)

We are entering cold and flu season, and the school year is well under way! This time of year is one of the peak times for kids to get sick. Here are some natural ways to prevent illness and support the immune system...and if your child does get sick, there are some great immune boosting recipes too! Herbal Immune Boost tea, herbal infused honey, natural decongestant, and lots more!

Henna for Hair Dye Update: Is Henna Good for Your Hair?

Tired of paying lots of $$$ for chemical hair dye appointments that just damage your hair? Henna may be the answer for you! Here are the things you need to know about using henna as a hair dye: What is henna? Are there any negative side effects to using henna in your hair? What are the benefits of using henna? How do you dye your hair with henna? After nine months of using henna in my hair, here are my findings on henna as a hair dye! 

How to Make an Herbal Tea Infusion: Loose Leaf Herbal Tea for the Beginner

One of the most commonly asked questions I get as an herbalist is, "How do you use loose leaf herb tea? How do you make the tea?"  If you are new to preparing loose leaf teas, you might feel leery of giving it a try, but it is really very simple and easy! Here are our two favorite ways of infusing herbal tea blends---using a cup or a Mason jar! Learn how to make an herbal tea infusion for health!