How to Make Horrible Sore Throats, Debilitating Fevers, and Other Cold & Flu Symptoms Feel Better Naturally (What Herbs are Best to Use for Sore Throat, Fever, Coughs & Congestion?)

You ended up with a bad cold or flu, and now you're suffering from the symptoms...UGH. Well, here are natural remedies and herbs to use to help with the symptoms of colds & flu, including cough, congestion, fevers, and sore throat. Find out how to make teas, tinctures, and syrups that work for your cold & flu symptoms.

How to Make Incredible Chèvre Cheese (It's Easy, Healthy, Delicious! Anyone Can Make Goat Cheese)

This is seriously one of the best things I've ever done for myself: I learned how to make chèvre (goat) cheese! Yep! I took Corina Sahlin's Online Cheesemaking Course, and I've learned how to make this cheese, plus Gouda Cheese, Vino al Cabra, and two kinds of yogurt with her easy methods and cheese recipes. Find out how to make Chèvre cheese in just 10 steps!

How to Preserve Eggs & TWO Methods for Freezing Eggs (Plus, a Discussion of Other Methods That Work to Preserve Eggs)

Because of the blessing of all these eggs our girls continually provide us with, I have been experimenting with how to preserve eggs. What is the best way? I've tried dehydrating eggs, freezing eggs (two ways), pickling eggs, and I think for the things I've tried, I have an answer to the question: Which way is best to preserve fresh eggs?

How to Make Hot Process Tangerine-Cocoa & Oatmeal Calendula Soap (Natural, Handmade, Lovely)

Sometimes it's just time to start something experiment! To break out of the box! Here is my recipe for Cocoa-Tangerine-Calendula-Oatmeal Hot Process Soap! This soap recipe is made with cocoa-butter, sunflower oil, and other oils that will make your skin soft and smooth. Plus, it smells GREAT--like Tangerines and Oranges on a summer day. Find out how to make another great hot process soap!

Herbs to Use Right Away if You Feel a Cold or Flu Coming On (These REALLY Help!)

We all get sick from time to time. Sometimes it is just inevitable that you're going to get a cold or flu started in your body. So what to do? There are natural ways you can get rid of a cold or flu super fast if you just know what to do and do them right away, before that illness starts causing some real misery. Find out  how to get rid of a cold or flu quickly and naturally using herbs!

How to Make Cocoa-Orange Calendula Lotion Bars (So Soothing for the Skin...and Smells DELISH!)

Do you have cracked, dry heels? And do you LOVE the smell of Chocolate & Orange? I do! In both cases...So, here is my best recipe for Cocoa-Orange scented natural handmade Lotion Bars! You'll love this recipe, and the lotion bars make great gifts for friends and loved ones. Even kids will love these lotion bars! Find out how to make my best lotion bars right here!

How to Prevent a Cold or Flu...Naturally (Best Herbs to Use + Natural Strategies)

Did you know you don't have to be at the mercy of your germy world? Did you know there are things you can do every single day that will help your body fight off colds and flu? Find out which herbs to use every day and some additional natural health strategies for fighting off seasonal sicknesses like colds and flu. Prevent cold and flu naturally! Stay healthy by using herbs.

How to Make Reusable Cling Wrap---From Cloth! An Incredible Gift!

How to make your own plastic wrap to substitute for cling wrap and plastic bags. Make your own cling wrap and baggies!  Many people are breaking up with plastic.  I AM!  The dangers to our health from plastic products, not to mention the environment, are very motivating reasons to get plastics out of your life.  Here are easy steps to make your own reusable cling wrap/zip lock bags!!!  It's a great project to do with kids too! PLUS! These make a lovely, caring gift for the greenie in your life!


How to Make Perfect Pickled Eggs and My Two BEST Recipes for Pink & Yellow Pickled Eggs (Adventure #1 in Preserving Eggs)

Find out the basic recipe for making perfect pickled eggs. Then I'll share my two favorite pickled egg recipes that will give you bright yellow and beautiful vibrant pink eggs! These are delicious, healthy, and are a perfect appetizer for a holiday meal, a special dinner, or just for every day eating. Learn how to make perfect pickled eggs!

Best Fermenting Starter Kit Out There! (Makes a Great Gift for the Health Conscious, Too!)

Have you been thinking about making your own fermented foods? It's SO easy and will save you a ton of money if you are currently buying raw fermented foods for your health. Plus, fermenting your own foods is delicious! There is a hard way to start...and an easy way. Click here to find out the best fermenting starter kit that's available right now. It's a great gift for yourself or a precious friend! I've included a couple great fermentation gift ideas too!