Do You Desire a Simple Homestead Life? (How We Started...Where We Are...and Where We're Headed)

Are you homestead dreaming? Do you want to simplify your life? Do you want to live more traditionally and be more self-sufficient? Here's how we began our own homestead journey a few years ago...And here is how you can start your own homesteading life, no matter where you live! Find out the step-by-steps and directions to get started on your homestead lifestyle. 

Seven Ways it Pays to Be Frugal on Your Homestead (Even if You are in a City, the Suburbs, or the Country)

Frugal living has some negative connotations in our modern world. However, if you want to pay off debt, save money, or make financial gains, you may find yourself wondering how to be frugal, and why you should bother? Here are seven ways frugal living pays off! Find out how living frugally can be good for you...and even make you healthier! 

Putting the Sacred Back in December (Are You Overwhelmed with To To Lists? Maybe It's Time to Stop)

Do you feel overwhelmed during the holidays? Are you finding you actually dislike the month of December because of the crazy busy-ness? Here is a great way to STOP feeling stressed and bad about December's commercial vibe. Remind yourself what is REALLY important about the season. How to put the sacred back in December. How to remember what is truly important. 

Sexy Wild Man Hot Process Soap...A Recipe

I've been making my Sexy Wild Man Hot Process soap recipe for a very long time because it's a favorite of so many people!  The name is just cute, but this soap packs a serious aromatherapy punch!  The Cedarwood calms and motivates, the cinnamon is warming and spicy, and the lemongrass uplifts your soul!  Learn how to make my Sexy Wild Man hot process soap with step by step directions and a great recipe!! 

DIY Respiratory Support (ALLERGY) Tincture: Mullein & Marshmallow

Does your nose drive you crazy with allergies? Does that bad cold leave your poor nose red and inflamed? Find out how to make an herbal tincture (or tea) that will help calm, soothe, and support these problems caused by allergies and colds. Soothing and supporting herbs have been used for centuries to aid and support your respiratory system, and here I share my two favorites in a wonderful tincture blend for allergy symptoms.

Manly Gift Guide for the Rugged Guy in Your Life (Gifts for the Working Man, Survivalist, Hunter/Sportman, Business Man, and Manly Man)

Buying gifts for the man in your life can be difficult. Here are some great ideas for your man! There are ideas for gifts for the hunter, the sportsman, the survivalist, the business man, and the workman. I have all these men in my life, and I tried to give gift ideas for males that everyone can use as a jump off point!

How to Make Horrible Sore Throats, Debilitating Fevers, and Other Cold & Flu Symptoms Feel Better Naturally (What Herbs are Best to Use for Sore Throat, Fever, Coughs & Congestion?)

You ended up with a bad cold or flu, and now you're suffering from the symptoms...UGH. Well, here are natural remedies and herbs to use to help with the symptoms of colds & flu, including cough, congestion, fevers, and sore throat. Find out how to make teas, tinctures, and syrups that work for your cold & flu symptoms.

How to Make Incredible Chèvre Cheese (It's Easy, Healthy, Delicious! Anyone Can Make Goat Cheese)

This is seriously one of the best things I've ever done for myself: I learned how to make chèvre (goat) cheese! Yep! I took Corina Sahlin's Online Cheesemaking Course, and I've learned how to make this cheese, plus Gouda Cheese, Vino al Cabra, and two kinds of yogurt with her easy methods and cheese recipes. Find out how to make Chèvre cheese in just 10 steps!

How to Preserve Eggs & TWO Methods for Freezing Eggs (Plus, a Discussion of Other Methods That Work to Preserve Eggs)

Because of the blessing of all these eggs our girls continually provide us with, I have been experimenting with how to preserve eggs. What is the best way? I've tried dehydrating eggs, freezing eggs (two ways), pickling eggs, and I think for the things I've tried, I have an answer to the question: Which way is best to preserve fresh eggs?