15 Ways to Start Your Own Homestead Journey Right Now, No Matter Where You Live! (Plus, 5 Mental Attitudes You Need to Homestead)

Have you been wanting to start your own homestead? Well, you can! No matter where you live, there are things you can do right now to start your homestead journey. Here are my top 15 things you may be able to start doing now, along with five more "mindsets" you need to have to get started---even if you are in an apartment in the city, the suburbs, or on a larger property. You CAN be a homesteader! 

From BAD to BEST: How to Eat Healthy in 9 Different Food Categories (A Real Food Eating Guide Post)

Are you confused about how to eat healthy? How do you choose healthy foods to eat? Which is better? Pasture-raised or grass-fed? How can you feed your family healthy food on a budget? Find out the BAD foods to choose, the BETTER foods, and the BEST foods to feed you and your family for a healthy life. Find out how to create a healthy eating lifestyle for you and family.