Is it Safe to Eat Raw Eggs? (Raw Egg Truths and How to Eat Raw Eggs Safely)

Mr. V. wants a raw egg in his daily smoothie—-”But is this safe?“ I asked him—-So I did some research before deciding to plop that raw egg into his drink. Here are your answers if you are wondering if eating raw eggs is safe, do they really have salmonella, and how to handle a raw egg so it’s safe to eat! #rawegg #eatingrawegg #howtouseraweggs #cookwithrawegg #raweggrecipe

Soothing Southwest Immune-Boosting One-Pot Beef Soup (This Herbal Soup Will Help Your Body Heal FAST!)

Feel like a making an easy soup with a Southwest flair? Want a delicious soup that will boost your immune system and help you get better fast? This herbal soup with a Southwest flavor will help you heal from a cold or flu quickly. It’s also tasty, fast, inexpensive, and EASY. This is a one-pot immune-boosting soup recipe you’ll make over and over. Click for the simple instructions!

Ways to Use Eggshells in Your Home & Life (Don't Throw Away Your Eggshells!)

If you are like many folks, you see your eggshells as just trash. But did you know there are many wonderful ways to use eggshells around your home and garden? Find out 15 ways to use eggshells that will turn this trash item into something useful every day. How to use eggshells as a calcium supplement, how to use eggshells to make sidewalk chalk, and LOTS more!

Mango-Lime & Spearmint Natural Deodorant (What a GREAT Handmade Deodorant for Summer!)

Handmade deodorant really is the best! It's free of dangerous chemicals, and if you have a good recipe, it actually works better than store-bought deodorants (and dare I say anti-perspirants too). Find out how to make natural, handmade deodorant with this easy recipe, clear instructions & pictures. You'll love the Mango-Lime & Spearmint Scent, too! 

Castile vs. Bastille Soap: What is the Difference? Which is Best? PLUS Easy Hot Process Recipes for Both Kinds of Soap that Work!

Bastille soap? Castile soap? What the heck? What are these special handmade soaps all about? What are they made of? How are they different? Which is better: Bastille or Castile soap? Well, here are two recipes, one for Bastille soap and one for Castile soap. And here are the differences between each kind of soap in this soap science experiment! Find out how to make bastille and castile soap---and which is the best for you!

Summer Fiesta Quinoa Salad (Use Your Southwest Summer Vegetables to Make This Delicious Salad)

Need a quick and easy summer salad to take to a party? Especially a party with a Mexican or Fiesta theme? This summertime Fiesta Quinoa Salad is 1) DELICIOUS; 2) Inexpensive; 3) EASY; 4) Super Colorful! When you bring this Fiesta Quinoa Salad to your next party (or just serve to your family), you’ll be the hit! Find out how to make this Quinoa salad with a Mexican theme in this recipe!

How (and What) to Store Food for Emergencies: 20 Basics You MUST Have to Start Your Food Storage Off Right

Is your food storage ready for an emergency or disaster situation? Here’s how (and why) you need to get your food storage plan going NOW! Find out the 20 items you should have stored in bulk PLUS considerations for your own family’s personal food storage needs. Here’s how you can get started storing food for an emergency situation or disaster.

How to Make an Herbal Anti-Itch Salve or Balm (Great for Bug Bites; Dry Itchy Skin; Allergic Reactions; & More)

Have itchy skin? Here is a natural herbal salve recipe that is a great remedy for itchy skin caused by dryness, rashes, bug bites, and more. It's an all purpose soothing salve for itching, inflamed skin. This recipe for herbal skin salve is easy to make and meant to soothe irritated and itchy, scaly skin. Click through for complete directions!

Making and Using Nettle Powder for Nutrition and Health...And How to Sneak It Into Your Family's Food!

Why are Nettles (Urtica dioica) so great for you? Why should you consider adding them to your diet? And how can you add nettles to your eating plan if you don’t grow your own fresh stinging nettles? How to eat your nettles when you don’t want to touch them in the first place? Find out how to make stinging nettle powder and add some nutrition to your healthy lifestyle!

CELLULITE: Natural Remedies to Get Rid of It, PLUS a DIY Cellulite Massage Oil Recipe!

Did you know that most women have cellulite? And did you know there are things your can do to naturally reduce it (or at least its appearance)? It’s Spring! It’s time to wear our skin baring clothes with some joyful abandon, but that’s hard when you are self-conscious about cellulite. Here are some things you can do right now to help improve the appearance of cellulite, and maybe even make it go away. I’ve included my cellulite massage oil recipe for you too!