Hello, Friends!

Are you excited about the Resource Library! I sure am!

The Resource Library is a place here on the website (Healing Harvest Homestead) I’m developing to help you have access to free eBooks, guides, check lists, cheat sheets, and lots more that will aid you along your self-reliance journey.

(You can print these out and use them as you like! Just please don’t sell them or copy any wording/pics in them as they are protected under copyright.)

Whether it’s making your own soap, learning about using herbs and essential oils, cooking from scratch, raising chickens for meat or eggs, preparing for emergencies, foraging for herbs, making natural remedies—-there will be something for you here.

Keep in mind, the Resource Library is brand new and I’m just getting it going. There will be many more resources added over time.

I keep my free downloadable PDF’s (eBooks, guides, checklists, projects, and lots more) for you in this password-protected resource library, which you can find at the very bottom of the navigation page (where the three little horizontal bars are).

You can also find it at the very bottom of any page on the website in the footer area.

If you have the password already, just click here to get to the Resource Library.

If you don’t have the password, just complete the form below to grab it and the resource(s) of your choice!

Here’s an example of what’s available in the free resource library right now—-These are some of my most popular requests and projects:

eBooks like this one:

** Would you like to learn how to relax in the evening using herbs? You’ll love my 20 page eBook filled with recipes and ideas to use herbs and essential oils for relaxation and relieving tension

eBook Herbs 250x350.jpg

 Printable guides to help you get started on projects:

** Guide to the Top 5 Essential Oils You NEED in Your Home and How to Use Them

** How to Get Started on Your Homestead Dream Even if You Live in the City

** Favorite Essential Oil Blends for ALL the Time

Check lists to help you be sure you don’t miss any important steps with recipes and projects, like this one:

** Hot Process Soap Making Check List & Basic Instructions

There’s more over there for you too!

I update the Healing Harvest Resource Library often, and you can be sure more and more will be added each week.

All you need is the password, which I give you immediately when you subscribe to the newsletter!


My resource library is open to everyone for free. All you need is the password, which you can get by filling out the form above:

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I’ll get back to you as soon as I check my email. Just put “need password” in the subject line. My email is: heidivillegas@healingharvesthomestead.com