Hi! I'm Heidi.

Hi! I'm Heidi, and here is my Homestead Journey.....

Hi! I'm Heidi, and here is my Homestead Journey.....


Wife. Grandma. Gardener. Student of Plant Medicine and Herbs. Whole30 Fan. Poultry Farmer. Trying to be Courageously DIY. Essential Oil Enthusiast. Beginning Horsewoman. New Homesteader in Mid-Life.

Do you want to feel empowered by being able to be as self-sufficient as possible in this uncertain world?  Me too!  Join me in this learning journey!

I'm Heidi, and this is Ranger.  He has been with me for over ten years, and I love him dearly.  

I'm Heidi, and this is Ranger.  He has been with me for over ten years, and I love him dearly.  

Herbal Tea for Men--How to Make Manly Man Herbal Tea; ED, Reproductive Support

Herbal Tea for Men--How to Make Manly Man Herbal Tea; ED, Reproductive Support

Yep:  Getting older has its drawbacks!  We are middle-aged these days, and with that distinction things sometimes don't always work as well as they used to.  My husband asked me to make him an herbal tea that would help him with his hormone levels, give him some energy, support his prostate gland and other reproductive organs.  I was only too happy to oblige!

Here is a tea I made for him, that when used as a daily tonic, helps improve some very important areas, gives extra energy, and improves performance! This is my Manly Man Tea.  Here is a quick rundown of the primary herbs in the tea as well as my recipe below!  In case you've never made herbal loose leaf tea before, here is a post on how to infuse your blended tea . 

A quick note: If I don't grow my own, I buy herbs I need from Starwest Botanicals. They sell high quality herbs, ship quickly, and have excellent customer service. I only use organic or responsibly wild-crafted herbs.    

Herbs that Support the Male Body: 

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens)

Saw Palmetto is a very well-known herb for men.  Specifically, it targets the male reproductive system by toning the prostate gland and helping keep hormone levels in balance.  It may also help with impotence.  (Tierra) Saw Palmetto has a spicy, warm and pungent taste that's very pleasant. 

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium grandiflorum)

Horny Goat Weed is full of nutrition.  The story behind the name goes like this: A goat herder in the hills noticed his male goats being particularly lusty after eating this weed!  Epimedium a.k.a. Horny Goat Weed helps to strengthen kidney function, aids with hypertension, and improves impotence.  "It specifically stimulates the production of androgen hormones with no effect on estrogen. Therefore it is ideal for treating male impotence and promoting sperm production." (Tierra)

Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

Eleuthero is a sweet herb that is mainly used for increasing energy over time. It is often used by athletes to help improve endurance.  Eleuthero is an adaptogenic herb and helps regulate and support the entire body.  As an adaptogen and energy enhancing herb, it should be noted that you will not feel a caffeine like effect (there is no caffeine in this tea at all), but the energy balance and increase will come with tonic (daily) use.  

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

Ashwagandha is probably best known for its ability to help build energy in the body.  It has also been used to support the reproductive system, especially in terms of impotence, sexual dysfunction, low sperm count, sexual energy.  It is thought to be an aphrodisiac as well.  It is an adaptogenic herb and also helps the nervous system in terms of concentration and focus.  It's really a great all-around herb.  (Cech) Note: The root only should be used.  

Wild Yam (Dioscorea paniculata)

Wild Yam contains compounds that are hormone precursors.  This means that they help support and stimulate proper hormone function, especially of progesterone.  Wild Yam is also great for your digestive system and helps with flatulence (gas).  (Tierra) Wild Yam is a wonderful tonic herb with antispasmodic properties. (Cech)

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)

Hawthorn is part of the rose family. Specifically, Hawthorn is known as the premier heart herb by many herbalists.  It tones and strengthens the heart, helps regulate blood pressure, and is excellent for heart weaknesses and irregular heart beats.  Hawthorn is also thought to emotionally promote a "sense of open-hearted well-being." (Cech) I use Hawthorn daily in a tincture form. See how to make a tincture.

Sarsaparilla (Smilax medica)

Sarsaparilla is a sweet, spicy herb and is great for enhancing the liver. Because of its actions on the liver, it's a wonderful herb for the skin.  It's also known for its ability to help vanquish venereal diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis---not that it's needed for that here! 

Here are little bits of the herbs used in Manly Man Tea.  You can buy them at Starwest Botanicals. 

Here are little bits of the herbs used in Manly Man Tea.  You can buy them at Starwest Botanicals

Nutritive Herbs in Manly Man Tea

The herbs above have lots of nutritional value, the following herbs contain especially high levels of vitamins and minerals.  

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) & Nettle (Urtica urens)

Both of these herbs are extremely nutrient and mineral dense.  Both are good for purifying the blood, especially Dandelion, because of its actions on the kidneys.  Nettles in particular, help the prostate gland.  Both help support the entire body. 

Warm and Spicy Herbs in Manly Man Tea

I've used several warming and stimulating herbs in this tea to enhance the actions of the primary herbs.  Here they are:

Cinnamon, Star Anise, Clove, Cardamom, & Ginger

I'm not going to go into all of the health benefits of each of these warming and stimulating powerhouse herbs.  However, I'll say that they help with circulation, blood sugar levels, the digestion, strengthening the heart (anise), and for this tea, they enhance the medicinal herbs above warming, sweet tastes.  The addition of these herbs makes it almost Chai-like.  


Finally! The RECIPE for Manly Man Tea

4 parts Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)

3 parts Eleuthero Root

3 parts Star Anise (The stars are quite large, so this is less than it seems.  Also, my husband loves this herb---feel free to cut back if you like.)

3 parts Hawthorn Leaves

2 parts Ashwagandha Rt.

2 parts Saw Palmetto berries

2 parts Nettle Leaves

2 parts Dandelion Leaves

2 parts Cinnamon Root

2 parts Ginger Root

1 part Sarsaparilla Rt.

1/2 part Wild Yam Rt.

1/2 part Clove Buds

1/2 part Cardamom

**If you want an extra spicy kick, add a pinch of Cayenne.  Not too much though! A little goes a long way, but it will also help with circulation.

**This tea does not have caffeine.  If you would like a little extra energy boost, feel free to add 1 to 3 parts organic Black Tea or Green Tea.  Guarana is another option for caffeinated energy, but I recommend using a very small amount (like 1/8 part) and building up.  It's pretty powerful.  You can also find these herbs at Starwest.  

A note about the "parts" method.  This is the way traditional herbalists measure out their herbs.  Basically, a part can be any measure.  In the case of this tea blend, for example, I simply used a scoop from some collagen powder I had.  

If you would like to know how I infuse my herbal teas, check out this article

Store your blended tea in a Mason jar with a tight lid. Keep it in a dark cupboard to preserve the herbs from light.  

Disclaimer:  The information in this article, elsewhere on my blog, in my shop sites, in conversations, and on labels is for informational purposes only and not meant to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any medical condition. Please see a medical professional for concerns.  I simply provide my own personal advice based on experience and study for ways to live a healthy and natural way of life.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. NOTE:  If you are taking medications, please be sure to discuss using herbs with your doctor.

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Hugs and Self-Reliance!


I love comments!  If you are using any herbs that are helpful to the man in your life, I'd love to know! :-)

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Making Plant Medicine by Richo Cech

The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra

**And Rosemary Gladstar is a foundational herbalist in my education and experience, although no specific source was used for this article.  

This article contains affiliate links, and this simply means if you click through on any item and make a purchase of any kind (not necessarily the item pictured), I will make a small commission. This will cost you nothing but the tiny bit of extra time to click through.  Thank you so much for supporting HHH and my blogging habit! :-)

Making Plant Medicine
By Richo Cech





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