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Sexy Wild Man Hot Process Soap...A Handmade, Natural Soap Recipe

I've been making my Sexy Wild Man Hot Process soap recipe for a very long time because it's a favorite of so many people!  The name is just cute, but this soap packs a serious aromatherapy punch!  The Cedarwood calms and motivates, the cinnamon is warming and spicy, and the lemongrass uplifts your soul!  Learn how to make my Sexy Wild Man hot process soap with step by step directions and a great recipe!! 

Hot Process vs. Cold Process Soap (Which is Better?)

Usually when people start out making their own soap, they quickly realize they like one way or the other best: Hot Process or Cold Process. After having made soap using both soap making methods, I have my own preference, which I'm sure you know if you've been reading my blog for awhile. But I thought I'd answer the question I get all the time: Which is the best way to make soap? Hot process or cold process? Here are the pros and cons for both methods of making soap. Then YOU can decide! Hot Process vs. Cold Process Soap: Which is the best way?