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How to Make Delicious Fermented Jalapeño Pepper Rings

I just love spice! The hotter the better, in fact!  I also can't stand waste.  I recently was gifted a huge bag of jalapeno peppers, and I couldn't possibly use them all before they spoiled.  Fermenting for food preservation is a healthy, quick, and workable way to extend the life of your foods---especially when you have too much to use right away!  Find out how to make these fermented probiotic-rich jalapeno pepper rings.  They are delicious to eat by themselves, as a tangy, spicy topping, or use them to add a little kick in all kinds of recipes!

What You DON"T Want to See on Your Ferments! A Bit About Mold....And How to Prevent!

We all have the best intentions...but sometimes it's just easier to take a I did recently in one of my jars of fermented tomatoes.  If you've been fermenting anything for awhile, then you know that you must keep the vegetables beneath the surface of the brine (liquid).  Otherwise you do take the chance that mold may form.  I've successfully been able to avoid this up til now.  I've gotten pretty creative with ways to weigh down my ferments, but once in awhile some vegetable matter will pop up slightly above the surface.  It's been no biggie...up til now!